Threading is the ancient art of hair removal which originated in India.

Practitioners use a pure, thin twisted cotton thread which is rolled over untidy hairlines.  moustaches and so on. Plucking hair at the follicle level. Unlike tweezers where a single hair is pulled out each time threading can remove an entire row of hair , resulting in a straighter line.

As the top layers of skin are not peeled or traumatised threading is an ideal alternative for those with sensitive skin.

Powder also offer eyebrow shaping with hot wax which is the best type of wax to use on all facial areas.

Come into our beauty salon in Brighton and we can shape your brows or remove any unwanted hair while you relax in the beautiful boutique surroundings.

Threading Options

Eyebrows    £12
Upper lip    £8
Chin    £8
Full face    £25
Sideburns    £10
Cheekbones    £6
Eyebrows & forehead    £16
Forehead    £6

BROW TO GO!  (Eyebrow shape & tint)   £20


Powder Eyebrow Threading