Powder Loves Nail Art!

We’ve been busy at Powder Beauty creating lots of lovely, unique nail art for our customers. All the photos you see in this post are created by the team at Powder, many by freehand nail art.

Got an idea of a nail art design you’d like? Get in touch and we’d love to create it for you!

We can create a range of designs from a simple shape and paint to full on MINX nail transfers. Call 01273 720055 to  arrange an appointment with us.


Picture 394


NailArt by Kate at the Powder Nail Bar at The Brighton Tattoo Convention 
Tye Dye Minx
Tye Dye Minx at the Brighton Tattoo Convention


Pick 'n' mix nail art by Natasha at Powder
Pick ‘n’ mix nail art by Jess at Powder


Freehand panda nail art by Lucy at Powder
Freehand panda nail art by Lucy at Powder

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