Eyelash Extensions

Powder is Brighton’s original eyelash boutique and has been acclaimed as the leading eyelash salon of the South.

Semi permanent eyelash extensions is a discreet, longer lasting system that delivers thicker, longer and more lustrous lashes that can last for up to four weeks. The treatment involves individually attaching between 30-100 high quality synthetic lashes onto the natural eyelashes. This procedure is totally painless and there is no discomfort afterwards.

The synthetic eyelashes bare a close resemblance to natural lashes and once attached, with the correct care can last several weeks, until the eyelashes fall out naturally. The average lifecycle of an eyelash is 90 days, depending on lifestyle and after care. The semi-permanent lashes have the characteristic c-shaped curl so even people with lashes that are short, straight or slope downwards can achieve individual lashes that curl upwards, without the need of eyelash perms or dyeing.

To maintain the fullness of the lashes you should top up every two weeks.

Eyelashes At Powder. Brighton's Original Eyelash Salon.
Eyelashes At Powder. Brighton’s Original Eyelash Salon.

Eyelash Extensions Options

Temporary Party Lashes    20mins £20
(Individual eyelash extensions last up to one week)

Temporary Party Lashes applied in clusters. Can last up to one week.
Temporary Party Lashes applied in clusters. Can last up to one week.

Semi permanent eyelash extensions. Full set    1hr 25mins £72
Semi permanent eyelash extensions. 3/4 set     55mins £57
Eyelash touch ups    per 30mins £20
Removal of eyelashes    £10

Eyelash tint    Patch test required 24hrs prior to appointment £14
Eyebrow tint  Patch test required 24hrs prior to appointment    £10
yebrow shape (using thread or hot wax)    £12
Brow to GO (eyebrow shape & tint)    20mins £20

Eyebrow Embroidery (Microblading)  £235 and includes Top Up treatment.

Top Up After 12months £130

Half Set Of Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions
Half Set Of Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions
Powder Beauty Boutique - Brighton's longest established eyelash salon.
Powder Beauty Boutique – Brighton’s longest established eyelash salon.
Eyelash Extensions
Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

The Eyelash Lift – £45 – 45 mins

The Eyelash Lift and Tint – £55 – 1hr

The Ultimate Eye Package!  £70 Includes eyelash lift, eyelash tint, eyebrow tint and shape. 1hr 30mins

A test will be required at least 24hrs before for a Eyelash Lift if you have never had one before.

The Lash Lift.
The Lash Lift.

Before & After Our Ultimate Eye Package

Before & After Eyelash Lift