Eyebrow Microblading

Eyebrow Embroidery At Powder Beauty Brighton

Eyebrow Microblading (or Eyebrow Embroidery) is a technique for applying semi-permanent make-up to the eyebrows with fine hair strokes giving a very natural look which lasts around 1 year then a top up will be required at a reduced rate. Its perfect for anyone who desires a soft, natural enhancement to their eyebrows and is great for anyone with sparse and patchy brows, or no eyebrows at all.

Eyebrow Microblading is done using a handheld micro blade, the colour pigment is deposited closer to the surface of the skin than when using a machine, leaving a natural-looking, fine hair stroke with no spilling under the skin. Microblading is similar to having eyebrow tattoos, although the pigment is much closer to the surface of the skin so it really is more of an eyebrow tattoo artistry.

This fantastic eyebrow revolution is now available at Powder Beauty Boutique and costs £235 which includes a follow up appointment in 4-6 weeks time. To book a consultation for Microblading call 01273 720055 or email info@powderbeauty.co.uk 

Microblading Top Up After 6 months £100

Microblading Top Up After 12 months £130

Eyebrow Embroidery semi permanent eyebrow tattooEyebrow Embroidery semi permanent eyebrow tattoo